Our purpose is to unite our individual gifts from God in establishing Natalie’s as a transparent food source and a global symbol of clean label nutrition, while providing American jobs and supporting Florida farmers. It is our family’s responsibility to enrich the lives of those we come in contact with through our award winning, quality citrus juices and our excellent customer care.


We are committed to nourishing generations of juice connoisseurs with the highest quality, authentic, Florida citrus juices. Our goal is to ignite a passion for Natalie’s as the exclusive juice choice demanded by discriminating consumers, while providing a refreshing escape from today’s restless lifestyle.


CEO Letter

To my cherished juice connoisseurs and new acquaintances,

Thank you for choosing Natalie’s! It was picked and squeezed fresh for your family by our family!

As always, we appreciate your business and loyalty!

God has blessed us with the opportunity to consistently provide YOU, our consumers, with America’s Best Tasting Florida Citrus Juices.

At Natalie’s, the pursuit of excellence is never ending. We know you trust us to produce transparent, clean label juice, which is why Natalie’s has won eight National taste tests for its incredible freshness and wholesome nutrition. YOU are the reason for our purpose, our passion and we love you for it.

Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company is more than just an award winning juice producer. Natalie’s values its community, honors its nation and respects its global environment. We proudly support American jobs and Florida farmers.

Producing the highest quality juices, using only Florida citrus, has been a labor of love that we hope continually nourishes and gives back to our consumers.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to share this moment.

We appreciate your business.

May GOD bless you and America.






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Fort Pierce, Florida 34950
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