Frozen Grapefruit Margaritas


● 1 cup Natalie’s Grapefruit Juice
● 1 cup blanco tequila
● ¼ cup lime juice
● ½ tsp salt
● ¼ cup agave syrup
● 3 large grapefruits
● 1 tbsp tajin
● Lime wedges for garnish


1. Cut the grapefruits in half and scoop out the inside fruit, just leaving a grapefruit peel
shaped bowl.
2. Freeze both the inside of the grapefruit and the outside peel in separate containers for at
least 4 hours.
3. When ready to make the margaritas, to a blender add the frozen grapefruit insides, tequila, Natalie’s Grapefruit Juice, lime juice, salt, and agave. Blend until smooth and adding more grapefruit juice if necessary to thoroughly blend the margarita.
4. Serve the blended mixture inside of the frozen grapefruit halves and garnish with a sprinkle of Tajin and a lime wedge