Dear Natalie’s family,

Since 1989, it’s been our labor of love to produce fresh, high-quality, nutritious juices for families everywhere. Though we’ve come a long way from squeezing citrus out of our first 1,000 sq. ft. facility, most things around here have stayed the same.

We still wholeheartedly believe in the unparalleled taste of Florida’s citrus, and that one thing that will never change. As we remain loyal to our beloved Florida growers and consider ourselves one with the community, we are making changes to our Florida orange juice.

Over the years, Florida’s crop has been reduced by 80% due to citrus greening.

As a result, we’re changing our orange juice to blend to honor our pledge to you in delivering exceptional quality juice using only the best fruit. As a fourth-generation Florida citrus grower in the fight to keep Florida citrus alive, we are committed to supporting growers who have been by our side for 30 years.

Rest assured, we will continue to meticulously procure and squeeze only the highest-quality Florida oranges to make sure your beloved juice and we’ll search neighboring regions for the best citrus to add to it.

Making the highest quality juice requires endless dedication, especially when faced with unprecedented crop challenges.

Your desire for quality and health drives us to do what we do every single day. I’m grateful for the confidence you place in Natalie’s and thank God for each and every one of you.

Our roots are based in a fourth-generation citrus farm, so our love for Florida citrus is a given.

This agricultural backbone drives us to seek out the highest-quality oranges grown in our local network of farmers throughout the state. Sourcing from local & regional farmers ensures we support the livelihoods of our surrounding community first. We hand select the finest oranges from over 140 local farmers.

View the map below to learn more about where we source our oranges to make your beloved juice.

Hamlin Orange


An early season orange. Medium size, round to oval shape, deep yellow to orange color with a smooth, thin peel. Usually seedless.

Pineapple Orange


Mid-season orange. Medium to large size, round to oval, deep orange color. Pebbly peel, has some seeds. Acclaimed for its juicy sweetness.

Valencia Orange


A late season orange. Medium to large size. Smooth, thin peel, oval shape and deep orange color. Extra sweet and easy to eat. A good juice orange. Usually seedless or no more than six seeds.

Mindfully handcrafted from Florida’s finest oranges, and only the highest-quality Valencia oranges grown in Mexico and Brazil.

Want to learn more?

We are dedicated to this issue and want to raise awareness and build our communities. Should you have additional
questions regarding our procurement practices, contact us directly or call us at (772) 465-1122.