A-GAP, Natalie’s Non-Profit

Marygrace Sexton, founder & CEO of the authentic clean juice company, Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company, has launched a new, non-profit foundation, A-GAP. In a world increasingly inundated with technology, A-GAP will enhance the importance of taking “a gap” from social media, mobile phones & the digital screen engagements that have consumed our everyday lives. The 501(c)(3) foundation will offer a series of experiences that place participants on a journey to clarity, unity & simplicity in a technology-free environment. Participants will learn to engage in community, explore creation, enhance creativity & execute change, while gaining professional & personal perspectives on how to manage today’s overwhelming intrusion of technology.

As a CEO, mother of two & grandmother of one, Marygrace Sexton developed an acute sense of awareness for technology’s adverse impact on human relationships & professional performance. With A-GAP, we hope to raise awareness of how non-stop digital distractions affect the quality of our lives & relationships. We hope to provide a reprieve for those seeking a technology-free environment for contemplation & spiritual rejuvenation.

A-GAP will sponsor a series of one-of-a-kind experiences aimed at showing participants the serenity & mental calmness that comes with disconnecting from digital devices. The organization will host intimate journeys, held in natural spaces, where participants will rediscover the value of contemplation & introspection – while strengthening their spiritual journey. We challenge you to hear the whisper of God through the silence we experience when we are free from technology. The ultimate goal of these experiences is to provide participants with:


Clarity & the ability to develop a thoughtful & transparent vision of their life.


Unity in the ability to share in harmonious & genuine relationships.


Simplicity in the ability to practice a state of tranquility to allow for creativity & balance.

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