We call it The Natalie’s Way: Our process

Authentic nutrition & freshness are our top priorities, which is why our juices are of the highest quality.


Honestly sourced

Our roots are based in a fourth-generation citrus farm, so our love for citrus is a given.

This agricultural backbone drives our founders to seek out high-quality ingredients. We begin always with our closest neighbors––Florida growers.

Sourcing from local & regional farmers ensures we support the livelihoods of our surrounding community first. For ingredients that we cannot find in our region, we look toward fellow American growers whenever possible.

All that to say, we put great thought into how we source our ingredients. From handpicking the best ingredients to making conscious efforts to support local growers, we make every effort to bring forth great juices, honestly.

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Squeezed fresh

Authentic freshness is made by juicing our hand-selected fruits & vegetables in small batches each week.

At Natalie’s, our juices are gourmet pasteurized at the minimum temperature, for the minimum amount of time, to ensure we deliver fresh, nutritious juice. We never shy away from the meticulous practice (& significant investment) of juicing fresh & often, which means that quality is never compromised.


Clean label

The purity of wholesome ingredients & their inherent health benefits drives us to create clean, authentic juices without additives, preservatives, or GMOs.

One look at our label should tell you everything you need to know. With minimal ingredients in each bottle, we offer authentically fresh juices with ingredients you know, & everything you can pronounce. With all that freshness, our bottles do come with an expiration date, because nature’s freshness is meant for “of the moment” enjoyment. Clean practices. Clean label juice.


Environmentally thoughtful

Supporting a clean label operation goes beyond what’s in the bottle.

At Natalie’s, our company has the smallest carbon footprint in the juice industry, & works with intention to maintain its commitment to the environment. Our citrus waste heads to cattle farms where it is repurposed. We are also committed to supporting American jobs which is why all of our packaging is made in America, & 100% recyclable.