Natalie’s Back to School Lunch Box DIY

Don't let the summer fun end as you head back to school. Natalie's brings you a fun filled DIY for you lunch box for the new school year!
Date: August 19th, 2016


  • • Colored Foam
  • • Scissors
  • • Sharpie
  • • Craft Glue
  • • Your Favorite Natalie’s Juice

Step 1

Wrap the foam around your Natalie’s juice to see how long of a strip you need to cut.


Step 2

Cut out the strip of foam and glue both ends together so it fits snugly around the juice.


Step 3

Draw an animal head, tail and ears onto another pierce of foam and cut them out.

Glue them to the front of the strip you just made.

NataliesDrinkDIY-Step4 NataliesDrinkDIY-Step5

Step 4

Cut out white eyes and glue them onto the face of your animal.


Step 5

Use a sharpie to draw details on your animal: Whiskers, pupils, patterns, etc.


Step 6

Slide the foam around your Natalie’s Juice and pack it in your child’s school lunch!