Natalie’s featured on Florida Today

Date: June 5th, 2016

Three new grab-and-go juices from Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company were recently added to the shelves at Publix around the country.

Retailing for around $2 or so, depending on flavor, the 16-ounce containers can be enjoyed in lemonade, orange-beet and honey tangerine flavors. They join Natalie’s grapefruit, orange juice and strawberry-lemonade.

“Now more than ever, shoppers want to bring home clean-ingredient juices, with no preservatives, no additives and no flavor packs, which is exactly the type of squeezed fresh citrus juices Natalie’s proudly provides,” said Marygrace Sexton, founder and CEO of Natalie’s Orchid Island Juices, made in Ft. Pierce.

Natalie’s juices are squeezed fresh from hand-picked Florida fruits and use minimal processing. They are NON-GMO, gluten-free and kosher certified.

Natalie’s lemonade, made in small batches for consistency, is 20 percent juice, significantly higher than many other lemonades. The orange-beet juice is a hand-crafted nutritional powerhouse that has become the juicy darling of athletes. Natalie’s honey tangerine is 100 percent pure honey tangerine, which is great both for kids and as a cocktail mixer.

The company, which also offers 100 percent fresh-squeezed tomato juice in 16-ounce containers, plus citrus juices in larger sizes, is women-owned and family-operated.

“We are a family feeding families,” said Natalie Sexton, director of marketing and the namesake of Natalie’s. She grew up among her family’s orange grove.