Natalie’s Featured in Kellogg’s New NYC Cereal Café

Natalie’s Becomes Exclusive Juice Provider for Kellogg’s New NYC Cereal Café
Date: July 22nd, 2016

In a bid to fuel the city that never sleeps, Kellogg’s has opened a hip new café in the heart of New York City’s Times Square that’s devoted to serving cereal from 7 in the morning to 11 at night. Kellogg’s NYC Cereal Café opened on July 4th, and invited visitors to the Big Apple to come in and create their own customized bowls of cereal – complete with out-of-this-world add-on toppings like marshmallows, pistachio nuts, lemon zest, white chocolate chips and even gummy bears.

And of course, the best add on of all is a refreshing glass of Natalie’s squeeze fresh Florida juice!

“The new Kellogg’s NYC Cereal Café reminds Americans that wholesome cereal is a nutritional powerhouse, suitable for eating any time of the day. So it’s no wonder they asked Natalie’s to provide their customers with our authentic, fresh, minimally processed juices,” says MaryGrace Sexton, the founder and CEO of Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company. “Natalie’s and Kellogg’s are going to kick start the entire city!”

So, if you find yourself in the Big Apple this summer, be sure to stop by and design your own dream bowl of cereal. And don’t forget to complement your anytime-breakfast with a bottle of Natalie’s squeezed fresh Orange or Grapefruit Juice. Like cereal, it will fill you up with natural goodness (especially Vitamin C) and rehydrate you so you’re ready to take on the fun-filled streets of Manhattan.

The Kellogg’s NYC Cereal Café is located at 1600 Broadway in the heart of Times Square and New York’s Theater District.