Boo Berry Lychee Moscow Mule


2oz Natalie’s Pure Lime Juice
4oz rum
⅓ cup blueberries
1tbsp agave
2oz lychee juice (from the can of lychee used for garnish)
12oz ginger beer
Lychees stuffed with blueberries for garnish
Lime slices for garnish
Mint sprigs for garnish


1. In a small pitcher add the blueberries, agave, and lime juice. Muddle until all the blueberries are crushed up.
2. Add in the rum and ginger beer. Gently stir.
3. Add crushed ice to 2 moscow mule cups and pour in the moscow mule mix.
4. Garnish with a cocktail pick with lychee “eyeballs” lime wedge, and mint sprig.