Orange Beet Vodka Limeade


8oz Natalie’s orange beet juice
4oz lemon-lime soda
1oz Natalie’s lime juice
4oz vodka
3 tablespoons sugar
Zest of 1 lime
Sliced oranges for garnish
Sliced lime for garnish


1. In a pitcher combine the orange beet juice, lime juice, and vodka. Stir well.
2. In a small dish combine the sugar and lime zest
3. Take the 2 cups and run a lime wedge on the rim.
4. Dip the rim in the sugar with lime zest.
5. Fill the 2 large cups with crushed ice and add the lemon-lime soda to the bottom.
6. Top with the orange beet and lime mixture.
7. Stir then garnish with orange and lime slices. Enjoy!